2019 THS Baseball
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NameClass Year
Bennett, Nick2019
Burton, Bronson2019
Collins, Nicholas2019
Crossan, Johnny2019
Estes, Matthew2019
Forrar Paul, Carter2019
Fritsch, Mason2019
Heryford, Gage2019
Jefferson, Nigel2019
Jenkins, Hunter2019
Keenan, Jameson2019
Langford, Jacob2019
Madson, Blake2019
Olson, Isaac2019
Osborne, Gabriel2019
Ponce, Brandha2019
Preedy, Skyler2019
Repenn, Max2019
Repenn, Max2019
Schorn, Zack2019
Shinas, Mike2019
Stewart, Ethan2019
Stott, Gavin2019
Stott, Gavin2019
Tamburo, Dennis2019
Taylor, Avery2019
Ulrey, Parker2019
Unruh, Josh2019
Wiger, Jj2019
Yelle, Donavan2019
Young, Dalton2019
Benner, Ethan2020
Bennett, Kole2020
Blair, Joseph2020
Borland, Danny2020
Brown - Gm, Jayce2020
Coffer, Spencer2020
Dodge, Connor2020
Eigo, Joseph2020
Evensen, Micah2020
Flores, Anthony2020
Floyd, Dylan2020
Goin, Parker2020
Green, Cameron2020
Jennings, Albert2020
Kagan, Hunter2020
Lacey, Marcus2020
Marple, Gage2020
Milligan, Reese2020
Molnar, Seth2020
Nguyen, Vaughn2020
Oswald, Riley2020
Perry, Kyle2020
Pressly, Kegan2020
Ramirez, Thomas2020
Ramirez, Thomas2020
Reding, Richard2020
Sawin, Jeremiah2020
Scott, Kole2020
Snelson, Wyatt2020
Spencer, Kyle2020
Turner - Gm, Luke2020
Balmores, Miles2021
Brennan, Cole2021
Connor, Christopher2021
Evans, Tyler2021
Franks, Ethan2021
Gallaher, Seth2021
Green, London2021
Hastings, Ethan2021
Hooks, Julius2021
Lewis, Matthew2021
Lightner, Hayden2021
Marler, Reid2021
Mazza, Carson2021
Mckinney, Troy2021
Meyer, Kevin2021
Miner, Blake2021
Olson, Shane2021
Owens, Zackary2021
Parks, Gabe2021
Paul, Hunter2021
Reeves - Mgr, John2021
Reis, Liam2021
Scacco, Cooper2021
Shankland, Kevin2021
Tommervik, Marvin2021
Wagner, Chris2021
Allen-gm, Cameron2022
Butler, Jacob2022
Easter-hairston, Chase2022
Fuller, Joshua2022
Glisson, Ryan2022
Hansen, Parker2022
Hazelwood, Casey2022
Ketzenberg, Justin2022
Kunkel, Matthew2022
Lavigne, Drew2022
Leick, Tyler2022
Mirante, Hayden2022
Monaghan, Cody2022
Neilsen, Brendan2022
Quinlin, Carson2022
Rough, Tre2022
Routos, Cole2022
Sanchez, Maurisio2022
Shimek, Ryan2022
Shipley, Dylan2022
Steiner, Coy2022
Stott, Nate2022
Warner, Michael2022
Wold, Zac2022
Zerbato, Maximiliano2022

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