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2004 Tahoma Bears Baseball Var
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JV Score
Mon 15-Mar JV/V @ South Kitsap 3:45 PM W6-5 Yes L2-10 Yes
Tue 16-Mar JV/V @Bellarmine 3:30 PM W6-3 Yes W10-1 Yes
Wed 17-Mar JV/V @ Curtis 3:30 PM L0-10 Yes W5-4 Yes
Sat 20-Mar JV/V @Lynnwood 12:00/2:30 W4-3 Yes W8-4  Yes
Tues 23-Mar V Auburn 3:30 PM


Tues 23-Mar JV @ Auburn 3:30 PM     L6-8 Yes
Wed 24-Mar V @ Enumclaw 7:00 PM

4/1  7:00PM

Wed 24-Mar JV Enumclaw 3:30 PM     W12-7
3/29 3:30PM
Fri 26-Mar V Kentlake 3:30 PM W3-0
4/5 4:00PM
Fri 26-Mar JV @ Kentlake 3:30 PM     W9-0 Yes
Tues 30-Mar V @ Riverside 3:30 PM W3-2 Yes    
Tues 30-Mar JV   Riverside 3:30 PM     W5-1
4/1 3:30PM
Wed 31-Mar V Kent Meridian 3:30 PM L1-6 Yes    
Wed 31-Mar JV @ Kent Meridian 3:30 PM     W26-0 Yes
Fri 2-Apr V @ Sumner 3:30 PM L9-11 Yes    
Fri 2-Apr JV Sumner 3:30 PM     W3-1 Yes
Tues 6-Apr V Kentridge 4:00 PM W6-5 Yes    
Tues 6-Apr JV @ Kentridge 4:00 PM     W19-8 Yes
Wed 7-Apr V @ Kentwood 4:00 PM


Wed 7-Apr JV Kentwood 4:00 PM     L6-7 Yes
Mon  12-Apr V @ Auburn 4:00 PM L0-10 Yes    
Mon 12-Apr JV Auburn 4:00 PM     L5-10 Yes
Tues 13-Apr V Enumclaw 4:00 PM W15-5 Yes    
Tues 13-Apr JV @ Enumclaw 7:00 PM     L4-10 Yes
Thur 15-Apr V @ Kentlake 4:00 PM W8-5 Yes    
Thur 15-Apr JV Kentlake 4:00 PM     W20-11 Yes
Tues 20-Apr V Riverside 4:00 PM W12-2 Yes    
Tues 20-Apr JV @ Riverside 4:00 PM     L1-5 Yes
Wed 21-Apr V @ Kent Meridian 4:00 PM


Wed 21-Apr JV Kent Meridian 4:00 PM     W11-1 Yes
Fri 23-Apr V Sumner 4:00 PM W7-5 Yes    
Fri 23-Apr JV @ Sumner 4:00 PM     L3-11 Yes
Tues 27-Apr V @ Kentridge 4:00 PM W5-4 Yes    
Tues 27-Apr JV Kentridge 4:00 PM     L11-12 Yes
Thur 29-Apr V Kentwood 4:00 PM L6-7 Yes    
Thur 29-Apr JV @ Kentwood 4:00 PM     L1-3 Yes
Wed 5-May   Mini Playoff - Kalles Jr High School (Puyallup) KR, SU, KW, EN L3-8      
  8-May   SPSL League Trny          
  15-May   Districts          
  22-May   State, 1st & 2nd Round          
      State, Semis and Finals